Let’s try this one more time…

skeleton-computerOK, as one can plainly see, my hope to keep blogging when I first put up this site went quickly by the wayside. The likely happens to most blogs these days, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

Regardless, my belief that the ad-avoidance phenomenon is of enormous interest, for me personally and for the future of the Internet, remains unshaken. In fact, a number of developments over the last few months only reinforces that opinion. Take for example the revelation that many companies are paying AdBlock Plus to “white-list” them. Or the on-going lawsuits in Germany on the legality of ad-blocking and white-lists. I look forward to sifting through what has happened recently, and to bringing the story forward in the coming months.

There will be hiccups, I’m quite sure, but I hope to make reading this site worthwhile for all visitors.

Thank you sincerely for your attention.

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