Diversity in Ad Avoidance Landscape

While the concept of ad avoidance can be shorthanded as “AdBlock Plus” for many, there are, in fact, a great number of ad avoiding applications, extensions, and plugins available. Each of the major web browsers have a large number of ad blocking extensions, both local versions of popular plugins, and unique apps for their specific browser (and sometimes OS as well). Many of the ad avoidance programs share similar names and concepts, while others differ quite radically. Not to mention the non-browser based schemes, that use a computer’s host file, or sometimes work through embedded technology in a router.

Needless to say, all these options can be a bit confusing, so I am going to track as many discrete ad avoidance options as possible. Both to give users as much choice as they need, but also to see how the various options compete, complement or interfere with each other. If you are aware of any interesting ad avoidance technologies or strategies that are missing from my list, please drop me a line!

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